Best American Israeli Food In Los Angeles

best Kosher Jewish

The Habayit Restaurant in LA offers the best Kosher Jewish, Mediterranean, and American-Israeli food. Their menu includes favorites such as eggplant with tehina, falafel and schwarm. Find out more about this restaurant’s delicious dishes here!

What is Kosher?

Kosher is a religious term for foods that are allowed to be consumed according to Jewish law. Those foods must be prepared in a way that is pleasing to God and avoid any mixture of meat, milk and other dairy products. Unlike vegetarianism, which is based on the belief that humans should abstain from eating animals, kosher is based on the belief that animals are not fit for human consumption.

Welcome to Habayit Restaurant

Habayit Restaurant, Los Angeles, offers delicious, healthy Kosher and Mediterranean dishes that provide your body with nourishment without the added calories. The restaurant is a welcome addition to the Los Angeles food scene because it offers a variety of options that are not found on the menu of any other restaurant locally.

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