Ever Wanted To Try Kosher-Style Food?

kosher food restaurant


Kosher foods are one of the best foods to eat. Even though their roots lie in Judaism, they are becoming increasingly popular amongst non-Jewish people. Know why? Kosher foods are cleaner, healthier, and offer various other benefits than regular foods. 

While you may not be a follower of Judaism, you must try kosher foods. You can visit any healthy and affordable kosher food restaurant in your city. Here’s why you need to try it:

  • No Bugs

Do you love eating peanut butter? As per FDA policies, a 16-ounce jar of peanut butter is permitted to contain up to 136 insect fragments. However, for foods to be kosher, the hygiene rules are stricter than FDA guidelines. 

  • No Chemicals

Insects and vermins aren’t the only sources of food contamination. Many chemicals are used in agriculture. A Jewish Kosher restaurant washes vegetables multiple times. And for the process, they use special vegetable soups that remove the not-so-kosher chemicals. 

  • Suited for the Lactose Intolerant

Judaism doesn’t permit the use of dairy with meat. This guideline is a benefit for people who are lactose intolerant. Most modern foods available at your local supermarket unjustifiably mix meat and dairy. As a result, those who are lactose intolerant find it difficult to find dairy-free food. Kosher foods strictly prohibit mixing dairy and meat, which means there is no chance of accidental exposure. 

  • More Ingredient Control

Most foods contain additives and many other ingredients. Processed foods are a combination of random chemicals. But kosher foods are prepared under strict quality control and sanitation. Food is certified as kosher only when every ingredient meets the strict guidelines set by the rabbi. The processing must also happen in a clean, kosher environment. Most food processing companies don’t follow such strict quality control as kosher restaurants. 

  • No Shellfish

A large percentage of the population in America is allergic to shellfish. Unfortunately, many people die from food allergies every year. Kosher food guidelines strictly prohibit the use of shellfish as an ingredient. So, if you are allergic to shellfish, you can rest assured that you are not exposed to its contaminants while eating kosher foods.

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