Kosher Catering for Your Business’ Grand Opening

Kosher Food Catering

Celebrating a brand new start? New businesses should start right and start well, do it with Habayit Restaurant! We are your best source of kosher catering services in Santa Monica. From our wide range of food and flavors, we have something for all of your guests. 

Habayit Restaurant brings you delicious food at great prices but that’s not all. Buying from us gives you options unlike any other and meals that fill not just your belly but your soul. We offer you the best of the American and Israeli blends that Habayit Restaurant is. From spicy and flavorful shawarma to delicious and perfectly cooked falafel, whatever the craving, we can make it happen.

Catering with Habayit Restaurant makes your decisions quick and easy. Go to our website, choose from the various options, place your order and relax. No matter where you are in Santa Monica, Habayit Restaurant will deliver warm and delicious meals to serve to your guests as you go ahead with your new business ventures and professional parties.

Habayit Restaurant can deliver the quantity you need, at the time and place you need; just reach out to us and we’ll handle the rest. Habayit Restaurant is guaranteed to impress your guests with our flavor-packed meats, wafting aromas of several spices, that they simply cannot resist. 

It can be confusing to decide on catering options, especially if you want more than just appetizers. Ordering from Habayit Restaurant makes your choice easy and convenient because we can provide top to bottom meals that satisfy your guests and don’t break the bank either. Make Habayit Restaurant your number one catering choice!

When starting a business, first impressions are important and set the tone for how people are going to approach your business. Serving the delicious food that is hearty and has several courses is a great way to put them at ease and make you look like a great host. Start your business with a bang of flavor from Habayit Restaurant, not only do we have food with a taste you cannot forget but also offer you quick and easy service. 

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