5 Must-Try Dishes at the Best American Israeli-Style Restaurant in Santa Monica

Habayit Restaurant is a renowned American-Israeli-style restaurant in Santa Monica. It represents Israel’s food culture, with many different delicacies waiting to be tasted. Head to the outlet on West Pico Boulevard near Santa Monica and delve into these five dishes without fail. 

  • Falafel


Falafel is Israel’s national dish. After you eat it at Habayit Restaurant, you will learn how much love can be cooked into these famous chickpea fritters. Falafel is popular across most Arab and Middle East countries as a daily staple for many of the residents. Take a bite to enjoy the softness inside and the crispiness outside. The falafels will vanish off your plate just before you figure out what makes them so amazingly good. 

  • Humus

While falafel is the country’s national dish, humus is a close second. Popularly eaten as a dip, it can play different roles, including that of a main meal in itself. Made using chickpeas, garlic, tahini, and lemon, the dish is tasty enough to pair with anything, from raw slices of sweet onion, pita, and falafel to chicken schnitzel or salads. 

  • Shakshukah

Shakshukah is another popular Israeli dish, especially during breakfast or dinner. The simple recipe involves poaching eggs into a tomato sauce flavored with onions, peppers, chilies, and cumin. Experienced chefs ensure all these different ingredients melt into one another to create an irresistible one-pot dish. Habayit prefers to keep the dish tangy and tart with tomatoes and fresh with the sauce’s peppers and onions. 

  • Shawarma

Israeli shawarma is different from the kebabs available in the UK. Shawarma is prepared by stacking fatty cuts high on a vertical split and grilling them for hours. A few pieces are shaved off when an order is received. Shawarma has an exceptional taste due to the hefty garnishes it comes with, including salad, humus, vegetables, and tahini.

  • Sabih

Israelis can stuff many things into a pita. While falafel and shawarma are commonplace, sabih has all the elements of a perfect sandwich. It combines fried eggplant, a hard-boiled egg, tahini, humus, salad, and pickles. The salad contains finely diced onions, peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. 

You can enjoy the delicious taste of these dishes throughout West Los Angeles with the restaurant’s catering and delivery services. 

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