The Flavors to Relish at the Top Israeli Restaurant in LA

Israeli style restaurant in Santa Monica

Fresh Flavors From LA’s Top Israeli Restaurant

If you’re on a trip to LA, there’s no reason why you should miss binging on these flavors at the Habayit Restaurant, one of the top Israeli restaurants in the city

  • Shakshuka

Coming from North America and adopted by Arabs and Jews during the Ottoman Empire, shakshuka didn’t take long to enter the hearts of Israelis. It is the staple food of Israel. 

The original recipe used meat and vegetables. But contemporary shakshuka uses poached eggs atop a savory sauce of onion, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, and middle eastern herbs and spices, including coriander, cumin, fresh parsley, paprika, and nutmeg. 

  • Shawarma

If you’re a meat lover, the shawarma is a feast for your eyes. It is a spiced and tangy lamb, turkey, or veal, stacked and roasted on a giant skewer, rotisserie-style. Chefs use an electric carving knife to shave off thin strips of meat, and after browning them on the grill, roll them up in a fresh pita. The dish is completed with salads, pickles, humus, tahini, eggplant, spicy sauce, amba (mango sauce), and fries. 

  • Falafel and Humus

Falafel is regarded as the national dish of Israel. It is popular among vegans because of its high-protein and plant-based ingredients. 

Modern falafel comprises ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both rolled to make round-shaped patties with spices. These are deep-fried till perfectly brown. Falafel is served with Israeli salad, spicy sauce, tahini, humus, chips, cabbage, hot peppers, and fried eggplant. Sometimes, they are stuffed inside a pita. 

Humus is almost the national anthem of food in the middle-east. It is a spread made using boiled chickpeas, parsley, spices, tahini, and fresh lemon.  


The food of Israel promises a dynamic, lavish blend of fiery, comforting, and refreshing flavors. It infuses Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences to create an absolutely remarkable cuisine, with something to suit everyone’s taste buds. 

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