Pairing food and song: A great playlist for your next American-Israeli meal

Song Playlist While Eating Food for Israeli Meal

Food and music go hand in hand. The music’s rhythm affects how you eat your meals. If the tempo is fast, you tend to chew your food quickly. The inverse is also true. The slower the music, the slower you eat. Apart from the rhythm, the tone of the music also affects the taste of the food. For instance, if you’re listening to a bitter soundtrack while eating a toffee, it affects the taste of toffee more negatively than a sweet soundtrack. 

Here’s a playlist specially curated for your next American-Israeli meal

Shabbat means rest, and you can start playing this song as Friday night begins. The song’s lyrics – Bread and good wine, Meat and fish, set the mood for a heavy meat dish. The rhythm is slow for you to smoothly relish the dish with bread.   

Fast and groovy, this song sets the mood for you to enjoy the juicy Classic Kosher hot dog, as authentic as you would find in NYC.

This memorable song from the movie Titanic will remind you of the ocean, and the ocean reminds you of seafood. So, pair this one with a portion of salmon.

Every Middle East country claims to have the best falafel. The Israeli national anthem, sung by Streisand, has an American twist, giving you the best of both worlds as you bite into the crispy falafel.

The Israeli folk song is associated with Kibbutz, Israel’s collective agricultural communities. They eat what they grow, setting your mood to the farms and a natural environment. The song is a perfect choice for the Israeli salad.

The song is a traditional favorite of Ashkenazi Jews and pairs perfectly with a traditional thin slice of meat – Schnitzel. 

The name of the song and its lyrics say it all. Pair it with chicken noodle soup, and you’ll enjoy the warmth much more. 

Bon Appetit

After you have your food and music pairing finalized, it is time to relish your American-Israeli meal. Music creates energy and builds an atmosphere that develops the flavor of food. Habayit Restaurant in Santa Monica / West Los Angeles serves the city’s best Kosher, American-Israeli food. You can get your food delivered for the joy of eating delicious cuisine in the comfort of your home or office.

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