You Can Get Authentic American-Israeli Food in Los Angeles!

Delicious and authentic best American Israeli food

Are your taste buds looking for something unique? Are you tired of eating the same type of food every day? Dreaming of the perfect falafel or shawarma? Order from the best American-Israeli dine-in, takeout and catering restaurant in Santa Monica! Habayit Restaurant is here to satisfy your palate and squash your hunger! Habayit is the ultimate spot for all your favorite traditional Jewish comfort foods.

Habayit Restaurant was created not just to satisfy homesick Israelis but to open our cuisine to our American friends so you too can enjoy the best our country has to offer.

From breakfast to dessert, we’ve got it all covered. Being one of the best Kosher-style restaurants in Los Angeles, we are dedicated to giving you only the best. We have delivery and catering options to keep you and your guests happy and satisfied with food that is rich in flavor and large in quantity.

Habayit is the ultimate food hub for all your cravings from shakshuka to shawarma. We pride ourselves on our superior taste and unmatched service. Call us or order on our website to enjoy delicious Israeli food in the comfort of your home. Planning a party? Place a catering order to wow your guests with our varied and widespread menu. We can even accommodate your vegetarian friends! Whether it’s our spicy shawarma or our sweet and crispy baklava, we have something for everyone.

Our standard catering menu comes with two appetizers, two entrees and a side for all non-vegetarian orders. You can also add-on soups, desserts, and beverages and make your meal whole! Please try to place large orders 24 hours prior. This will ensure that we can deliver everything you need on time, hot and fresh.

We offer endless options for you to choose from to keep you and your tastebuds happy. The best part about Habayit Restaurant is that we are willing to accept orders of all sizes. We can manage large orders for parties or just a small treat for your family.


What are you waiting for? Order a delicious meal from Habayit Restaurant today!

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